VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Kit 4500 Puffs

The VAAL 4500M rechargeable disposable kit is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable e-cigarette. This kit includes a rechargeable battery and four disposable cartridges, each with a capacity of 450 puffs. The battery is easy to charge and provides consistent power, and the cartridges are filled with high-quality nicotine liquid for a satisfying vaping experience.

VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Kit 4500 Puffs

VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Introduction

VAAL 4500M Disposable near me has a pre-filled e-liquid and 5% (50mg) synthetic nicotine allows you to reach a perfect 4500 puffs with its powerful built-in components. It is powered by an integrated battery of up to 570mAh and can be charged via USB-C cable. The capacity of e-liquid is not stingy to provide a full 10ml for each device that you can enjoy such a delicious fully.

VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Features

Battery Capacity:570mAh
Puffs:4500 Puffs
Pod Capacity:10ml
Nic. Strength:5% Synthetic Nicotine
Cartridge: Prefilled
Coil Resistance: 1.1ohm
Charging:DC 5V/0.5A (USB-C)

VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Parameter

Up to 4500 Puffs
10ml large capacity
1.1ohm mesh coil
Widewick Technology
USB-C rechargeable
5% Synthetic Nicotine

Product Includes

1 x VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable

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